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It’s been more than 12 years since I have moved away. People living abroad generally agree that everyday life can keep them distracted and in the moment enough that they tend to forget about missing home. During the holidays though, and it never failed, I would get homesick. I missed everything: being surrounded by family and friends, the air outside, traditions, especially the food, which I have had a life-long love affair with. I missed HOME. And in time I created a romanticized version of what home felt like where everything was surrounded by a magical aura. It is still somewhat that way. I feel a lot of love and respect from where I come from. The difference is that now, I am able to appreciate my current surroundings, and relate.

This year, for the first time, today, probably because the days and weeks proceeding Easter I have completely overlooked it was being celebrated today until I opened my eyes this morning to the most beautiful sunny day and my phone rang. Today I didn’t feel sadness or disconnection. I felt exactly the opposite in a very neutral enlightened way. I never felt more connected actually. I also realized that it doesn’t matter where we are, we are the ones making the decision to be happy or not, to celebrate or not celebrate the holidays, or to make the most of our lives, to do what we need to do to adapt and belong.

The amazing progress in technology gives us the ability to communicate instantly from one side of the planet to the other. I couldn’t be any more grateful for my father (I know, he will probably hate this) who is amazing at staying in touch, on who’s feedback I can count on at any time, day or night though he is thousands of miles away. And also for my friends at home who make constant use of Facebook and re-connect with me unexpectedly and delightfully. My emotional ease is also due to the fact that I have a wonderful group of friends (some of them not even living in the same continent) who have become my family, people with amazing qualities and strengths, that have been and still are encouraging of everything I do: my professional and academic endeavors, my goals to travel and study allover the world, who encourage and support my aspiration to eat, sleep, breath fashion and style.

I am a firm believer that we can find home in our hearts. And as long as you follow our real passion you will feel at home anywhere in the world.

Roxana Tănase

Chico, California, SUA

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